The DBU Duo at O’Brien’s with LUNG!

This is an old one, but I’m catching up. It was a pretty wild and busy holiday season so I’m super behind on updates, but here goes! Lung came through Boston again and it was rad. This was the first show I’ve ever played where there were two cellos present! Courtney Swain and Little Musket […]

I had a birthday, it was a show

A show! A birthday! Hooray! (This happened a long time ago and I really just want to post pictures. This is what happens when you get behind on your website…) It was a blast to share a “stage” with Dogtooth, BRNDA (on tour from DC!), and Birdwatching! And to do a very special birthday fernet […]

DBU at Winter Hill Brewing!

DBU as a D U O?!?!? In what world is a solo act a duo?! How do we explain these things? How is Winter Hill Brewing so great? What magic do they put into their spicy Brussels sprouts to make them so good?! Why am I asking so many questions?! P.S. Joey Sprinkles and Eggy […]

Elephants Go To College

We played at BU!!! The ever-wonderful free, all-ages, open-to-the-public college gig. It was great! Mint Green and Black Beach were our show-mates this time and these are both local bands that I like very, very much. And now for a Get Real Moment ™. We went through an unexpected lineup change, and in a pinch, […]

I’m Daphne Blue in New Hampshire, too

DBU with Ezra Cohen (of Charles/Notches), Gash, and Idling at Sue’s in Rollinsford, NH! What a lineup, what a space. This is a cavernous warehouse-type space and it sounds really cool and is a blast to play at. New Hampshire punx know what’s up!

Remember that time we went on tour?

We went on tour! Day 1: O’Brien’s in Allston with Mundy’s Bay, on tour from Canada. Is it cheating if you kick off and close out tour in your own hometown? At your “neighborhood spot?” Maybe…   Day 2: Mac650 Gallery, Middletown, CT. We got to play with the ever-wonderful Dani of Quiet Giant and […]