Get to the Gig Files: DL4 or Die

Last Saturday we had the pleasure of playing a good old out-of-towner at a DIY space called DL4 in Gloucester. Ask a Cape Ann seapunk if you want to know more! It was a super cool space and it was a packed house! That was awesome, considering a great touring band called City Mouse was […]

Get 2 the Gig Files: Return 2 the Gig

The past week or so was a busy one for us. We had two shows, as evidenced by the horribly corny homage to terrible action movie titles above. Despite how terrible the nameĀ of this post may be, both of the shows were wonderful; we got to meet a bunch of cool people and bands from […]

Let’s All Go To Wedding Camp!

I can’t wait to get our cabin assignments! Ugh, I hate myself for that. But I don’t hate this band. They’re great. Not only are they great songwriters and lovely human beings, but they also just released a sweet cassette tape on Dadstache, our tape label! It’s the MARRIAGE of a few cool people and […]

03/08/2017 through 03/12/2017: Hot Gig x 3

I waited a bit to post anything from last week because I had so many edits to do, and I’m still waiting on some film to come back from processing, so expect a (highly curated) photo scan dump later. But I can contain myself no longer! So here’s what I have so far. Last Wednesday’s […]

My first ever solo set.

Last Saturday I did my first EVER solo set. It was a video session at a pal’s house, so I did two songs (one original and one cover). It was a lot of fun! I had to play each song about a million times for them to get all the necessary angles and shots, and […]