Hi! I’m Loren. I make things – music and photos, mostly.

What you’ll see here on my site is a blend of digital and analog photography; regardless of the format, I strive to capture instances and create images that are bright, dreamy, and full of feeling and movement. I shoot from the gut first and the eye second. There is something particularly beautiful held in the unexpected.

My favorite subjects are live bands and nature, but I also love spontaneous, candid portraiture.

For the camera nerds out there, I shoot with the following cameras: Canon FTb, Minolta Maxxum 7000, Mamiya 645 for medium-format SLR, Nikon D5500 for DSLR, and a slew of vintage and/or toy cameras (Holga 120, Lomo LC-A+, and Argus C3, to name a few).

All my wedding photography is here: http://lorenipsumartsweddings.wordpress.com

I’m also a musician!

If you want to hear what my power pop band sounds like, go to http://those-elephants.bandcamp.com.

If you want to hear what my experimental pop project sounds like, go to http://daphneblueunderworld.bandcamp.com/releases or http://weddingseasondaphneblueunderworld.bandcamp.com/releases

In case you were wondering (and you’ve made it this far): vegetarian, morning person, lover of dogs and cats, and INFJ, if you’re into that kind of thing.

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