January 2018: Show Report

January 8: Charlie’s Kitchen with Maggie Rosenberg and Little Musket

This was a cool gig that I took last minute and I’m glad I did. I love playing with Little Musket – her songs are so catchy and full of witty quips. Maggie’s songs sounded like the scene at the end of Ghost World where Thora Birch is sad on a bus! (So… awesome?!?!) This is the only gig I’ve ever played with none of my own gear because of transportation foibles so that was… interesting. I’d like to think I made it work?!




January 13: O’Brien’s with Joey Sprinkles, Psychic Life Coach, Idling, Spelling

Ryan the Terrible can somehow run a 5-band show like a very efficient bobsled team and for that, I give him the biggest of ups!


January 14: Remedy Music (Worcester, MA) with Kiss Concert, Gnards, Olde Pine

It was so good to be back in The Woo for this show. Remedy Music is a small but awesome spot for shows. It was my first time seeing Olde Pine and they were really cool! I have nothing but great things to say about Kiss Concert and Gnards… good bands full of good people who do a lot for the scene!


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