2017: A Year In Review.

We are a full 4 days into this fresh new year of 2018, so I figured I’d take a moment to look back on the past 12 months. Now that everyone else is mostly done with their year-end lists, that is!

If you know me, you know that I absolutely HATE ranked lists. Ten best such-and-such! Top 100 blah blah blahs! Barf. This really gets under my skin, especially when it comes to art, because none of this is quantifiable and empirical and data-driven. It’s guts-and-feelings driven! JUST EXPERIENCE ART AND FEEL THINGS WITHOUT SCORING IT FOR GOD’S SAKE! (I have strong opinions about keeping science and expression separate and I’ve been drinking Basil Hayden’s so… don’t get me into it!)

As a result, my year-end list probably isn’t going to be what you expect, or make a whole lot of sense in a cultural-reference/zeitgeisty way, but fuck it, here goes nothing.

Things I didn’t think I’d do in 2017 that I did in 2017:

Went on tour.

Played solo shows (I never saw myself doing even one, and I’ve done a whole bunch!)

Released solo albums, on which I played every instrument.

Collaborated musically with people outside my own band, including a classical cellist. (What the WHAT, right?!)

Got SUPER comfortable with accessory lenses.

Had a photo feature in Allston Pudding.

Drove with a trailer (fuck that, never will that ever happen again, but it was a growing experience).

Shot a band’s music video.

Was in two weddings. (That is no small feat, please clap.)

Found a job that I really genuinely like and am not garbage at.

KEPT UP THIS WEBSITE! (I’d been wrestling with the idea of putting my work out there for a long time, and I finally did it.)

Made a cable knit scarf.

Got a tattoo.

Adopted birds!!

Watched Breaking Bad twice.

Slung over 100 business cards while out shooting shows.


Things I learned in 2017:

There are certain songs I can edit photos to, and certain songs I cannot edit photos to. On the yes list: early aughts hip hop, Foxes in Fiction, Pity Sex, Saint Pepsi, Deafheaven. I don’t care how weird that is. I don’t care if you judge me.

Writing down your feelings really helps. I had a lot of feelings this year.

The stair climber is the best workout I may ever get.

I can get places without my car. Train commuting is so good, y’all.

Trader Joe’s seltzer is WAY better than La Croix but not quite as good as Polar.

Getting tattooed really doesn’t feel that bad.

Coney Island is a real head trip.

Don’t be afraid to be your fucking self. Take calculated risks, reach out to people. Do your best and give a damn, but it’s probably best to not give a fuck.

My favorite form of self-care involves luxuriant baths and whiskeys with fancy-person names and I am not apologizing for any of it.

If you want the haircut… get the damn haircut.

Wearing all black all the time makes it easy to dress.

You can’t show up to everything, but you can show up for everything you show up to. FOMO is real, but being fully engaged in where you’re at is better than worrying about everywhere else you could be.

Things I want to do in 2018:

Shoot more film. Shoot more bands.

Release vinyl.

Go on tour again.

Make another solo record.

Keep up healthy habits: exercising, eating vegetables, sleeping (mostly) enough.

Get in some serious work on a video project.

Well anyway…

Onward and upward. Let’s do the things!



Love, guts, and three cheers for unranked lists,





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