DBU at No Probs with HHH 05/28/2017

Sometimes two bands with really long names do a gig together at a taqueria in their hometown. This was one of those times. Again, this happened like last month, so it’s sort of old news by now. But it was my second solo set ever, and I also got to play with this rad band from my hometown who have literally been playing together for 10 years. I mean, I remember these dudes being a band when I was in high school, so that really tells you something!

Anyway, I do think I’m well on my way to getting over the nervousness I’ve been feeling when I play my solo set. It is a bit stage-fright-inducing, but it also feels really good to be able to go up there and be brave and play my songs alone.

Anyway, here’s some photographic documentation of the seminal meeting of Half Hearted Hero and Daphne Blue Underworld (see, I typed all those letters)!

Let’s just call this phone pic of me “charmingly grainy”
These dudes have been a band for TEN YEARS. 


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