May 2017: A Whole Bunch of Shows

There were a lot of shows in May.

I did my first solo set in front of an audience EVER in Worcester on 5/14! It was fun but scary. I was real nervous, so I could have played tighter, but honestly for the first time doing this in front of people I just had to rip the band-aid off and do it. The other bands were great! Jake and the ‘Tops are good friends and I always love seeing them, one of the tightest bands I know by far. Mad Doctors from NYC brought the psych punk vibes and Forget The Times was a sick free jazz trio that I was totally mesmerized by.


Mad Doctors – NYC
Forget The Times – Michigan


Jake McKelvie and the Countertops, NH. Jake is EXTREMELY flexible

On 05/17 at our ancestral home, O’Brien’s, we played with touring bands Bong Mountain and The Eradicator and our homies from our practice space/life in general, Bottlecaps. I was totally blown away by how riffy and catchy Bong Mountain and Bottlecaps were, and The Eradicator may be the only squash-themed band I’ve ever seen. (The sport, not the vegetable, for the record!)


Bottlecaps: David is hiding back there somewhere

05/19 was a banger in Queen City, also known as Manchester, NH, also known as Manchvegas for the, ahem, creative among us. Our buds Old Etc. reunited for a night after going on hiatus due to a cross-country move a little while back, and they were AMAZING. I also got to see Something Something for the first time ever and they had a song that sounded so Teenage Fanclub-ish, I was so pumped. Also Badfellows is great and never fails to make me feel all the feelings and put my ears into a state of great happiness.

Also whoever took those black and white photos of us is a beautiful sweet angel and I want to thank you and/or give you credit!!!!!



Ready to get weird in queen city
Something Something
Old Etc. ❤
Badfellows, now with 100% more Petunia Nuggets

Last but certainly not least was the AIDS Walk Benefit on 05/26. My bud and bandmate James from Kitner organized it and he did a great job. It was really cool to do another double header and also to play with the legend Kevin Bogart, rad new band Honeymooner, and surf punk shredders Today Junior (who I’m also working on a long-running photo and video project with so STAY TUNED)!

Kevin Bogart
Kitner again
Oh wow I’m flexible I guess, thanks David Solender for this photo
Today Junior (Mike is wearing his own band’s shirt, take notice)


Elephants is taking June entirely off to work on new stuff with our rad new drummer Chris, and to generally regroup after such an active month, but Kitner will be in the studio and DBU will have a solo show at the end of June so I’ll certainly be up and about!

Until the next gig,



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