Get to the Gig Files: Mayfair and an Easter Banger at OB’s

WOW. Elephants sure has been active lately! And so have I! It’s been a wild few weeks: I started a new job and changed my whole schedule and life around, pretty much, so I haven’t been as good at keeping up with my site. But I think once I get the hang of my new routine, I’ll be back at it.

Let’s start back on April 16th when we played at OBrien’s with Saccharine, Kitner, and Lung. That sure was a night. Not only were both my bands playing that show, but I was also the booker and de facto show runner (although let’s be real, everyone is awesome and the show basically ran itself), and I’d also just come from shooting Ladyfest the entire weekend so I was pretty beat by the end of all that. But I absolutely loved playing two back to back sets. Needless to say, I slept pretty damn well that night!

Please forgive the garbage photos I took with my phone. The ones of us that aren’t garbage were taken by Adam Parshall.

Also, Lung is the heaviest two piece band you will EVER hear with a cello. Seriously. Kate Wakefield is a wonderful player and a fantastic singer, and her electric cello has the darkest, moodiest, heftiest tone. Lung is fucking amazing. Please go listen to them:


Then! We played at Mayfair in Harvard Square. This was our drummer Chris’ first show and he absolutely crushed it with just two full band practices under his belt. It was real cool to have a peanut gallery of denim-jacket clad lovable assholes cheering us on the whole time and also keeping the crusty mosh contingency at bay. (Thanks Emily, Daniel, Zach, and David, y’all are the best.)

Here we are looking cool as hell in our sunglasses playing outside! Emily and Aarne took these photos.


Here we are having celebration food at Veggie Galaxy and my personal favorite, the fernet shot with a side of iced coffee, at Charlie’s Kitchen. (They don’t sell iced coffee there.)


Until next time, love and guts.


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