Get 2 the Gig Files: Return 2 the Gig

The past week or so was a busy one for us. We had two shows, as evidenced by the horribly corny homage to terrible action movie titles above. Despite how terrible the name of this post may be, both of the shows were wonderful; we got to meet a bunch of cool people and bands from out of town, which is always fun (and fuels my dreams of touring across the U.S., but let’s not get ahead of ourselves).

Last Saturday we played the Democracy Center, a really great DIY/community space in Harvard Square. Our show-mates were:

Moist Boy, a throwback-to-the-late-60s style garage shredder trio from New Bedford (shout out to my almost-hometown), FFO Ty Segall and Together Pangea. Once again, I’ve got some garbage phone pictures for your viewing ire.


Lychi, a touring band from Canada! They had a Lungfish/Fugazi/Mission of Burma kinda sound.

And Guiding Wave, who are local and also a bunch of members of Youth Funeral. If you like Pissed Jeans and/or the Melvins, you’d like them, although I can’t say they particularly sound like either of those groups. It’s just the feeling I get.

Here’s Tim and I expressing some political disdain. The lady who made these Puck Mike Fence shirts is a saint among women and deserves some kind of commendation.


Last Wednesday we had the pleasure of playing a show with Kindling, No Sun, Oshwa, and Burglary Years at the Middle East. It’d been a while since we played there and we were psyched to be on a bill with a bunch of loud/noisy/droney bands. We were probably the least shoegaze-y band of the whole bunch, but it was a good bunch sound-wise anyway.

Garbage photos:


Until the next gig,



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