Get to the Gig Files: Ladyfest Boston Benefit Show at Great Scott


Get! To! The! Gig! Get there especially fast when it’s a benefit for Ladyfest Boston.

Zoe from the great bands Halfsour and Dump Him booked us on this ripper of a show and it was so fun. We love playing at Great Scott. The sound is always fantastic and we can play nice and loud. And they have fernet branca at the bar, so that’s a plus!

Hexpet, Baby!, and Electric Street Queens were super great! I’d seen Electric Street Queens before and they always put on a great show. If you’re into Joan Jett and headbanging riffs and 70’s nostalgia and raunchy lyrics, you will absolutely love them.

It was my first time seeing Hexpet (FFO Helium and The Amps) and Baby! (FFO P.S. Eliot, Mitski, pretty much anything the Crutchfield sisters have done) and I was totally blown away by both of these bands. (And we get to play with Hexpet again this Saturday, so YESSS!)


Yes, I know the pictures from my phone are garbage.

I also got to hang with Larz (from every band ever), Megan from Sister, and Andrea from Birdwatching, so that was super cool!


Please go to Ladyfest Boston this year. I’m dumb and bad at calendars and I accidentally booked an Elephants gig on the Sunday of the fest, but I will be there the rest of the time rocking out and supporting rad femmes and so should you!

As always, L&G,



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