03/08/2017 through 03/12/2017: Hot Gig x 3


I waited a bit to post anything from last week because I had so many edits to do, and I’m still waiting on some film to come back from processing, so expect a (highly curated) photo scan dump later. But I can contain myself no longer! So here’s what I have so far.

Last Wednesday’s show was Courage Cloak, Harborlights, and Max Jupiter at Great Scott. Courage Cloak is one of my favorite heavy bands from the area, so I was pumped to see them again!

I also discovered that Oliver, the guitarist from Max Jupiter, helped my bandmate Ryan solve a crime on the internet a couple years ago. No word of a lie! Both Oliver and Ryan are hardcore devotees of Electrical Guitar Company instruments. EGC specializes in aluminum necked guitars and basses, and they make fully aluminum instruments as well, so it’s a weird niche item and people who are into them are usually REALLY into them. There’s a pretty rabid online community around these things, and a guy posted on a Facebook group that his EGC guitar had been stolen. So a bunch of aluminum neck nerds came together online and sleuthed it up and recovered the guy’s guitar. Pretty cool, eh? The world gets smaller and smaller every day.


Then! Last Saturday after my solo set, I jetted over to the Middle East to catch the Animal Flag/Loone/Palehound/Hotelier show. Unfortunately I arrived too late to see Animal Flag and Loone, which was a huge bummer. But I did get to see Palehound and The Hotelier and they both ruled. Christian from The Hotelier is a Worcester bud that Elephants has known for a few years now, and it was cool to see them shred a sold out show at The Middle East. It was also a benefit for the Disrupt J20 legal fund, which… please donate and/or support them in whatever way you can, is all I have to say.

(Film is still out for processing so stay tuned for more…)


Then I got a few hours of sleep before Sunday’s practice/traveling for my brother’s birthday/coming back to the city to shoot a gig trifecta. Sunday’s gig was super great! Dead Elect, The Heavies, and Today Junior were at OBrien’s and it was way rad.

I don’t have my film back from this show yet either, so… eyes peeled, friends. But here are some of my favorites.


And last but certainly not least, here are my film scans. I feel really good that I’m starting to shoot film at gigs again. I used to do it all the time with toy cameras, but I decided to get a little more serious and pick up a couple new lenses for my film SLRs and just go for it. These are my first photos now that I’m back in the game and it’s super exciting!

My forever buds Angus at Beatnik’s in Worcester:


A few from the Courage Cloak/Max Jupiter/Harborlights show:


And a few random ones I had left on a roll from lens tests and the summer:


I’m pretty psyched, y’all. There will certainly be more where this came from.

(Shops for film on the internet for hours)

(Spends every dollar)

(Cries bitterly)




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