Get to the Gig Files: 03/06/2017


“The assassination of the prime parking spot by the motherfucker Ryan Young,” captured by my good friend Shayna

Yesterday we did a show at our favorite bar, Charlie’s Kitchen, with some rad bands. It’s never not a good time there, despite me having the klutziest night of my life, bar none.

8:30 p.m. spilled my entire drink right into the grate on the bar, completely sober by the way

10:03 p.m. realized I left my pedal case in my car, which was fortunately parked very close by

10:05 p.m. literally ran into traffic trying to retrieve said pedal case from car, gave friends a heart attack

10:26 p.m. got stabbed in the tender part of my side by Tim’s ride cymbal during our set

12:47 a.m. wiped out at the top of the stairs during load out, already have well-formed bruises on both knees, but fortunately didn’t draw blood

1:13 a.m. safe at home in bed, what are the odds!

Anyway, despite me having Final Destination moments at every turn, we had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed finally seeing Halfsour and Black Beach for the first time. Both are bands I really like and have heard their records, but hadn’t even seen before last night, so I’m grateful for that!

Here are some garbage pictures I took with my phone of two great bands:


Cult Fiction was also really cool, but their set was so short I went to the bathroom and missed the end of it!

We played our sick ass kick ass new song Burger Drama and I dedicated it to my big-haired, big-hearted friend Shayna, without whom I’d be very sad and also at a loss for good song titles.

I had this tender moment in the bathroom with Ryan and Tracy:


I also got pranked by the 6’2″ door guy because my entire life is getting trolled by tall people:

“I set up the mic for you!” “Really?! Thanks!…..OHH.”
















And I was pretty proud to see one of our favorite bartenders wearing our shirt:

I don’t really know what Paul is doing here.

And our friend Greg handled the merch table for the first time ever like a champ, for which I am eternally grateful.

Thanks again Jenne for booking this, you rock.

Until next time…


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