02/25/2017 – 03/03/2017: Two Gigs and Some Film Scans!

Last week I shot two gigs at two new places: Great Scott and the Democracy Center. Both are places I’ve played before, but I’ve never shot photos at either. I don’t think I need to qualify that both gigs were great! (When do I ever shoot a show and say it wasn’t fun?)

The first one was my buds Badfellows, Notches, and Youth Funeral at the Democracy Center. It’s always nice to run into pals from the far reaches of the north/”live free or die, motherfucker” land!


Then I shot the Funeral Advantage album release show at Great Scott. It was such a great night! It was fun to run into a bunch of good friends and see 5 bands that all ruled. If you haven’t picked up a copy of Please Help Me or heard Teenender, I highly recommend you do that right now!


And then just today I scanned a bunch of 135 film I’ve had kicking around for a hot second. A bunch of it was from a trip to Montreal I took in October, and some of it was even from last summer, because I apparently stockpile shot rolls of film and wait forever to do processing. But it’s always a fun surprise to get my stuff back and be like, “OH SNAP, I remember this!” Or more worrisome/interesting yet, “When the hell did I take this one/where was I?”


If you’d like to hear the bands I took pictures of, click these links:

Badfellows: https://badfellows.bandcamp.com/

Notches: https://notchesnh.bandcamp.com/

Youth Funeral: https://youthfuneral.bandcamp.com/

Teenender: https://teenender.bandcamp.com/

Canyon King (they used to be called Champagne Charm): https://www.facebook.com/champagnecharm/

Strange Mangers: https://strangemangers.bandcamp.com/

Funeral Advantage: https://funeraladvantage.bandcamp.com/

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