Get to the Gig Files: Elephants at Converse Rubber Tracks

Yesterday Elephants had the honor and privilege of recording at Converse Rubber Tracks. If you don’t already know the drill, basically you go into the studio at Converse’s world headquarters in Boston, record for free for a day, and everyone in the band gets comped a pair of free shoes. It is an undeniably sweet deal.

As per usual for studio sessions, the day started early; I met up with Ryan and Tracy at 9:30 to load up gear, and we drove in and met Tim at the Converse building in the city. After the requisite couple hours of setting up/mic’ing stuff/checking levels, we got down to brass tacks, tracking rhythm instruments for 3 new songs. (One of them is so new we haven’t even played it in public yet!) Everything sounded super great, the live room was beautiful, the engineers were both skilled and personable; and since we’re a fairly tight bunch, the day went smoothly. There was even time for shoveling down some Thai food and hemming and hawing over choosing the perfect pair of new kicks. (I went for the gold ones, because why the hell not, amiright?!)

It was a really energizing experience, and I’m so glad we got the chance to do it. 

At the end of all that, we all walked away with fly new shoes and 3 fully-recorded new tunes. Not bad for a day’s work!

Someday we’ll premiere those new songs. Stay tuned!

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