The Week That Was: 02/13/2017 – 02/19/2017

Over the past week, I had the privilege and pleasure of shooting 6 excellent gigs. Let’s take a gander!

Monday was Galentine’s Day, and I did the two-gig shuffle between the Aye Nako/Dump Him show at Northeastern University Afterhours and the Mini Dresses show at Charlie’s Kitchen. My good bud Jenne (who is an awesome booker and is going to take the music promotion world by storm) was kind enough to put me on the guest list so I could go in there and snap some photos.

It was great to see my pals Dump Him open the show: Larz has the best drummer faces hands-down, and I love their cover of Black Tambourine’s Throw Aggie Off the Bridge. dump5dump1

Aye Nako is a super rad and amazing band that I’ve been a fan of since probably 2010 or 2011. Last time I saw them play, it was at Ladyfest Boston in 2012. True to form, they were great!


After all that, I hustled down to Charlie’s Kitchen to shoot one of my favorite-ever local bands, Mini Dresses. Lira has the voice of an angel and their songs make you feel like you’re in the middle of a dream. They are lovely people, so please go to their Bandcamp and show them some love.


On Wednesday, I shot the Nox/Saccharine/Me in Capris/Lilith/Tancred show at the Middle East Up. I absolutely love Saccharine, and they played a bunch of new songs that gave my heartstrings the hardest workout they’ve had in a long time. And it was my first time seeing the rest of the bands on the bill, and they were all fantastic! Surprise fun covers seemed to be the theme of the night: Me in Capris played Take It Off by The Donnas, and Tancred covered If It Makes You Happy by Sheryl Crow. (I don’t think I’ve liked either of those songs so much as I did when I heard them done by these bands!)


After my short two-night break on Thursday and Friday, I was back at it shooting -1, Gnards, Liberation, and Phantom Rides at Teachers’ Lounge on Saturday night.

-1 is a way cool hardcore/grind band fronted by one of my favorite Boston music scene people, Angela Sawyer. Angela is also a noise artist, and she rules.


Gnards are my BOYS from Worcester! I usually don’t say things like “my BOYS,” but these dudes are the most solid, and they are also a great band. If you like Minutemen and Fugazi and playful angular shredding, they will hit every pleasure center in your brain.


Phantom Rides is also rad. We played with them last fall at O’Brien’s, and they have the best dual-vocal interplay I’ve ever heard in a punk band.


Liberation was definitely the odd one out at this show as the only non-rock-instrumentation performer, but his show was amazing nonetheless, and I’m glad I got to see him play! The set started out with some crackly ambient synth drone and then segued smoothly into a bumping dance beat. I bought his LP, and the recordings are a little different than the live show (think lonely-guy-driving retro-styled electronic music; if you like the Drive soundtrack and Disasterpeace and S U R V I V E, you will LOVE this) , but also rad.


Last but not least, I shot two gigs on Sunday! The first was a matinee at Winter Hill Brewing Company, where my great friend/collaborator Conor Maier played his first ever acoustic solo set. But you’d never know it, because he was so confident and self-possessed, it seemed old hat! I also really love that he played a Billy Bragg cover (St. Swithin’s Day for all you nerds) and his original song from our EP, #27 Dream.


After stuffing my face with spicy brussels sprouts and tacos and a Darlin’s IPA and saying hi to no fewer than half the people in bands in the city, I hustled back to the Middle East for the Bat House/Kal Marks/Palm show. It was a strong hit of noise/prog/math rock for all you Polvo/Q and not U fans out there.


That’s all I’ve got for now, and it is quite a lot! This week’s going to be a slow one for photography but a great one for my band Elephants, as we are doing something really fun tomorrow that involves sneakers and recording new songs. Updates incoming!

Love and guts,


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