Get to the Gig Files: 01/21/2017 at Teacher’s Lounge


Photo by Alex Kim!


This past Saturday we played a rad gig at Teacher’s Lounge, a sweet DIY spot located at a place you can only get to by Asking A Punk ™!

It was a benefit show for the Cambridge Women’s Center put on by Feminist Fiber Art, and the show raised about $400 in donations, which was absolutely awesome.

It was also our first time playing with Daephne, Dump Him, and Dazey and the Scouts, and let me just say… this bill was STACKED. Every band was super good, and it was one of the tightest bills we’ve ever been on; everyone was right along the same stylistic lines without being too samey-samey, which was totally great. Also, I love to play a show where there are so many talented women shredding instruments like it’s their job.

The Tim Dunne was on fire, too! We definitely played a little on the “all go no slow” side, which we do anyway, but that night I think we ripped a little harder than usual.

I took some photos with my space phone, so here they are:

Talini 100%Y-Green 100%26Fe 100%Iris 100%


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